Sunday, 26 June 2016

The History Of Venetian Blinds

Manufacturers try to outdo each other in inventing more and more window shading system. One of options that are currently available on the marker are the Venetian blinds, even though it is believed, that they were invented not in Italy, as their name suggests, but in Persia. A traveling Venetian merchants brought them from Persia to Europe. Then they were propagated in Italy, and after that became popular also in whole Europe.

The Venetian blinds in fact were so popular throughout the history, that we can find them immortalized in many paintings as a background element (Berthe Morisot: „Behind the blinds”). In literature and cinema they became a symbol of mystery. Any described in literature room with Venetian blinds was hiding some sort of dark secret, what was symbolized often by a main character secretly spying the world hidden behind (“La Jalousie” by Alain Robbe-Grillet or movie Francisca Forda Coppola “The conversation”).

In the 50’ the venetian blinds were mainly made of metal 50 mm wide lamellae held by a ladder band made of fabric. They were not quite attractive and very noisy.

In the 80’ were the gory days for the Venetian blinds. Back then they were used not only because they were functional, but also as a decoration. This trend has been preserved to this day. 

Venetian blinds may be manufactured using various materials, most often aluminum, stainless steel or wood. Each of them, however, is quite different in respect to operating system, general properties and durability. Also not all of Venetian blinds types come in all colors and shapes, so before purchasing one of them it is recommended to examine all possible options. 

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